Junior Golf @ Crosleygolf

 This is not your ordinary Junior Golf program,  It's FUN!!!

If your looking for your normal junior  golf program, where we line your child up on the range for an hour  hitting range balls, you have came to the wrong spot. 
Here at CrosleyGolf we believe in a LONG TERM ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT.  It is a Junior Golf philosophy that is quite a bit different than most junior programs you normally see.

The basis of it is essentially that golf is a late development sport, so we will develop excellent athletes 1st, and awesome golfer 2nd.

Its based off of the Titleist Performance Institute's  junior golf program.  Through research and science they have determined  the best way to become the best golfers thru a long term program.  They  have found that the best athletes become the best golfers.  So we work  on creating super little athletes that thru time will become very good  golfers.  You would think we would want your child to only play golf,  but until ages 14 and beyond when they can specialize, we want you child  to play as many sports as they can. 

Many of the kids say that the program is like 1/2 PE class and 1/2 golf  and 100% FUN.  If we can keep it fun, it will keep their attention, and  they will enjoy golf and want to get better at it.
Why do kids want to play sports?


  • FUN!
  • They can do it with FRIENDS! 
  • They do it to FIT in!
  • It FEELS good!
  • To do something they are GOOD at!

  All of our programs are designed to improve the golf skills of your junior golfer.      

  •  Titleist Performance Institute Juniors (ages 5 to 9) 
  •  Titleist Performance Institute Juniors (ages 10 to 14) 
  •  High School Off-season Practice (Designed for High School Players)
  • Private Lessons

  1.     The TPI junior clinics are 60 minutes long and times will vary  throughout the year.  Late in the day during the school year, and  earlier to stay out of the heat during the summers.  
  2. High School Off-Season Practice is designed for High School golf  team players or those wishing to play high school golf  (Minimum age  13).  These practices are held after the High School season in the fall  and will run thru the summer until the season begins again as school  starts in August.  Normally, these are held on Sunday, but may move to  different days throughout the year.
  3. Private lessons are available year round and a slightly discounted rate from the normal adult price.

Junior Golf Fun!

Check out this fun video.  It shows some of the fun things we do during clinics.  Good Athletes can become great golfers!